Blaze Flaming Sizzlers is a modern take on Classic Hot Plate Favorites and Filipino Delicacies with a few twists. Helmed by Chef Edward Bugia’s smart and stylish approach to cooking, Blaze aims to change everyone’s cravings for Filipino Food with the Flaming Goodness of Classic Favorites and the Warm embrace of Well-Loved Comfort Food served flaming hot on a Sizzling plate.
Discover Blaze
Sizzling Sisig
Classic Sisig served flaming with a choice of egg and/or cheese as add on/s. The signature gravy is a variance from the popular dish.
Sizzling Bulalo
Perfectly tender beef a la sizzling sisig, bone in with the most delectable bone marrow, served with grilled corn and torched cabbage
Sizzling Rib-Eye Steak
Premium rib-eye cooked your way. Go heavy on the signature gravy, it adds taste without losing the beefy taste, perfect for the carnivores in us
Sizzling Wagyu Burger
Wagyu because why not? Our Wagyu burger is carefully cooked the soft, tender meat on a hot plate. We add a strip of bacon around the patty because … do you actually need a reason for bacon?
Sizzling Lengua
Not your ordinary plate, this is the classic tender and tasty lengua served with tamago and drenched in gravy, or not. Our pleasantly unique take gives this dish a taste you’ll never forget.
Sizzling Gambas
No description necessary for this dish; no convincing needed too. Shrimps on a sizzling plate is always a good idea. The addition of green shells only heightens the appeal of this sweet and spicy special.
Sizzling Fried Chicken and Corn
Our favorite home-style fried chicken served on a bed of sizzling ,crackling corn kernels. This is a new take on the “crispy on the outside, juicy on the inside” goodness of fried chicken that defined every Pinoy’s childhood.
Dirty Rice
Rice mixed with secret flavors, spices and good culinary sense. The only dirty about this thing is your mind.hat defined every Pinoy’s childhood.
Aligue Rice
Seafood lovers rejoice. Whatever dish you order, get your seafood craving fixed with our crab fat flavored rice. It overflows with the riches of the sea without dominating your palate, as every rice should be.
Sizzling Chocolate Mousse
Chocolate mousse covered with home-made marshmallows stalwart and proud in a sea of bubbling Malagos chocolate. Spoon a mouthful using graham crackers for an instant chocolatey coma.
Sizzling Dutch Pancake
Dutch pancake on a sizzling plate with a scoop of vanilla ice cream and a bunch of frozen grapes. Blaze`s take on this famous dessert would soften even the hardest hearts.palate, as every rice should be