HAMARU はまる - Yakitori & Sushi
HAMARU はまる is the newest Japanese hangout up North! Staying true to its name which means “go crazy over”, HAMARU はまる is seriously crazy to fill and surprise you beyond imagination. It’s the modern izakaya you wish you could have met sooner!
Take a bite into our contemporary Japanese dishes that will surely put your senses into psychedelic delight. Add a spike of thrill with our exquisite Japanese whiskey selection and other specialty drinks. All that we offer is nothing short of a mouthwatering masterpiece, crafted to perfection by no other than Chef Niño Laus of Ninyo Fusion and Wine Cuisine, Alamat Filipino Pub & Deli, and Merkanto. No wonder you’ll keep asking for more ‘til you go full-on HAMARU はまる!
Discover Cool Juans
Nori Taco
Fresh, Flavorful, and Probably your New Favorite. Our Crazy take on an Iconic Dish, Crunchy on the Outside, Crazy from the Inside
Nori Chips
Less Guilt and More Crunch means Longer Conversations over Beer
Tofu Pocket
Taste this Pocket-Full of Passion and Experience Psychedelic Delight bursting with Out-of-this-World Flavors
Spicy Tuna
Maybe we’re Crazy but we think Ink Squid goes well with Spicy Tuna. A Bolder, Darker Twist to a Classic Favorite that gives a whole New Taste to Discover.
Hamaru California
Half Crazy and Half Amazing. Soft Shell Crab with Crab Fat (Aligue) Mayo, we Don’t Mind if You Get Addicted.
Salmon Aburi
Real Salmon Surprise that goes against the Current, Salmon Aburi Black Rice Rolled and Filled with Cream Cheese. Crazy, but that’s just how we roll
Classic Yakitori for you to Go Crazy Over, ours is Packed with Pure Chicken Goodness from Bite to Dip .
Gyu Kushi
Insanely Sensational Flavors Make this Timeless Favorite the Meatiest Talk of the Town.